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Google to install ad-blocker in both desktop and mobile version of Chrome

A bit surprising, Google is planning to install ad-blocker or ad blocking features in desktop and mobile version of Chrome browsers. Blocking the future can be enabled or disabled according to user needs. The difference with other ad blockers, made by Google this will only remove a variety of ads that do not fit the definition of the Coalition for Better Ads industry group. Some ads will be blocked in the form of ads that appear full screen before a site is fully open. But it is still unclear how Google implements its ad blocker. There may be two options under consideration.

According to a source who is reluctant to be named, the first option is to beat the blocking of ads. That is, when there is one ad that violates the terms, Cashfloat
then all ads on a site will be blocked indiscriminately. This way is expected to affect the site owner so pay more attention to ads that are installed and adapt them to industry standards applied on various today’s platforms.

What is the second one? The second option is blocking by means of selective logging. This means that Google will only block ads that violate the terms only and allow other ads on a free site to open. In short, only violating ads will be blocked. Although according to some leaks, now there are those two considerations, until now it’s still not clear which consideration would be chosen by Google. The internet giant was also silent and made no comment at all about its plans.

Just to be known, as many Internet experts said, the creation of an ad blocker tool actually looks at odds with Google. They based their view on Google’s image itself. So far Google runs on internet business that depends on advertising. But lately Google began to be interested to create something that can prevent users using advertising tool blocker made by other companies. The reason, such blocking tools cannot be controlled by Google and in the future, they may interrupt Google’s system.